Which City is it the least expensive to buy a Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag?

Where is it cheapests to buy a Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

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Now that all the prices have been updated for the second quarter of 2014 for US, UK and Europe; it’s time to break-down in which city would it be the cheapest to buy a Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag as of May 2014?
This analysis is assuming that you are from the USA and are purchasing in Los Angeles or New York City. The reason why the analysis looks at these two cities is that it’s not easy to buy a Jumbo flap to begin with. It’s more likely it will be found in a high traffic store located in densely populated area with lots of tourists.
New York / Los Angeles
New York City Sales Tax 2014 = 8.875%
Los Angeles Sales Tax 2014 = 9.0%
[box type=”success” width=”400″ ]Chanel Jumbo Bag in US Dollars as of May 2014 = $5,500 USD x 9% = $5,995 USD[/box]
US Price Guide
Since it is no longer possible to buy a Classic flap bag such as the Jumbo at Heathrow, then this option of obtaining the discount at Heathrow is not included. However, if you were interested in buying a small WOC, GST or a Chanel Boy bag then Heathrow is still a good option since prices would be less the 20% VAT. Prices are VAT inclusive in the London much like EU cities.
[box type=”success” width=”400″ ]Chanel Jumbo Bag in the UK as of May 2014 = £3,425 x 1.68837 (May 1 F/x Rate)  = $5,782 USD [/box]
UK Price Guide
Paris or Rome

If you are shopping from an EU city such as Paris or Rome you are able to participate in the VAT Refund if you are visiting. As all prices are VAT inclusive, you can deduct a portion of the taxes from your purchase when you detaxe at the airport.
The rates are posted here, and it is about 20% in Paris and 22% in Italy.If you opt to get your taxes right away the refund service will take about 4% of your refund but you don’t have to wait for it in the mail.  Assuming that we take the slow route, the total savings is as follows:
[box type=”success” width=”400″ ]Chanel Jumbo Bag in Paris as of May 2014 = €3,950 x 1.3873 (May 1 F/X Rate) x 80% = $4,383 USD [/box]
EU Price Guide


Based on the above findings it is still cheaper to buy a Chanel Jumbo bag in an EU Country in cities such as Paris or Rome. In addition, these cities would allow for greater variety of choices since there are more stores located in each city compared to other International cities.
Your Personal Experience May Vary. The rates calculated are obtained from external sources and are accurate from the time of writing the post. The information provided is only to provide a handy reference for those that are planning future purchases. 

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