UK Chanel Bag Price List Reference Guide

UK Chanel Bag Price List Reference Guide


Updated March 2019

Introducing the UK Chanel Bag Price list guide, which are the prices of purses that are sold in the United Kingdom and are listed in Sterling Pound updated as of March 2019, this includes the recent price increase for the Classic Flap and Boy Bags. Note that the prices are for reference use only and your personal experience may vary. The final prices will include import duties & taxes for the destination country resulting in slight differences in each country.  These prices are consistent with the United Kingdom on Read this guide on buying tax free Chanel items at the London Heathrow Airport which could save you up to 20% in tax as the purses are VAT excluded at the airport. For more information on different styles of Chanel Handbags, visit the Chanel Bag Reference Guide.
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Current Season Styles

Spring/Summer 2019 Act 2

Spring/Summer 2019 Act 2Current Price
Chanel Lambskin Medium Side Pack Bag£3,260.00
Chanel Tweed Boy North/South Maxi Flap Bag£3,530.00
Chanel Tweed with Imitation Pearls Medium Flap Bag£3,990.00
Chanel Rattan/Patent CC Filigree Vanity Case Bag£7,170.00
Chanel Iridescent Aged Calfskin Gabrielle Hobo Bag£3,540.00
Chanel Beach Ball Bag£3,080.00
Chanel Mixed Fibers Maxi Chanel Large Shopping Bag£3,350.00
Chanel Calfskin Waist Bag£3,130.00
*for all prices check the collection guide link

Spring/Summer 2019 Act 1

Spring/Summer 2019 Act 1Current Price
Chanel Camellia Embroidered Lambskin Boy Chanel Small Flap Bag£5,430.00
Chanel Denim Classic Medium Flap Bag£3,640.00
Chanel Tweed 2.55 Reissue Size 225 Bag£3,540.00
Chanel Wool/Calfskin Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag£4,030.00
Chanel Calfskin Eyelet Flap Bag£2,810.00
Chanel Tweed/Calfskin Vanity Case Bag£2,760.00
Chanel Venise Biarritz Drawstring Bag£2,990.00
Chanel Embossed Nylon Backpack Bag£2,370.00
*for all prices check the collection guide link

Classic Bag Prices




Previous PRICE

Chanel Classic Mini Flap Bag£2,290.00£2,100.00
Chanel Classic Rectangular Mini Flap Bag£2,610.00£2,330.00
Chanel Classic Small Flap Bag£3,810.00£3,840.00
Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag£4,300.00£3,990.00
Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag£4,800.00£4,450.00
Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag£5,200.00£4,830.00
Chanel Reissue 225 Bag£4,300.00£3,990.00
Chanel Reissue 226 Bag£4,800.00£4,450.00
Chanel Reissue 227 Bag£5,200.00£4,830.00
Chanel Boy Small Flap Bag£3,450.00£3,200.00
Chanel Boy Old Medium Flap Bag£3,750.00£3,480.00
Chanel Boy New Medium Flap Bag£4,170.00£3,890.00



Current Price (NOV 18)

Previous PRICE

Chanel WOC Classic Quilted Bag£1,790.00£1,630.00
Chanel Reissue WOC Bag£2,150.00£1,620.00
Chanel Boy WOC Bag£2,000.00£1,730.00

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