Chanel Cruise 2020 Bag Collection featuring Denim

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Chanel Cruise 2020 Bag Collection featuring Denim


Introducing the Chanel Cruise 2020 bags, this season bags are full of washed out denim, bright pastel textiles and rich lambskin materials. The handbags featured many versatile travel pieces including rollaway luggage in iconic classic quilt and large bowler travel bags. The Chanel 19 bag was also widely featured but in unpretentious textile materials in bright eye popping colors.  The handbags this season were kept very classic and simple, made in iconic styles the Timeless Classic, Deauville and Boy bag styles. Except for the one-off minaudiere pieces, did you check-out the quilted water bottle yet?

Cruise 2020 Chanel Bags are hitting stores now, more information on prices can be found below for USA.

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Rouge Bags

Chanel Patent Bicolor Flap Bag$5,800.00 (USD)
Chanel Rollaway Luggage Bag$8,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Large Bowling Bag$6,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Red Camera Bag with Top Handle$3,700.00 (USD)
Chanel Small Vanity with Large Strap$4,300.00 (USD)
Chanel Large Vanity with Strap$4,600.00 (USD)

Chanel 19 Cruise Bags

Chanel Maxi 19 Bag – Cruise$5,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Large 19 Bag – Cruise$4,800.00 (USD)
Chanel Waist 19 Belt Bag – Cruise$3,400.00 (USD)

Denim Bags

Chanel Denim Backpack$3,600.00 (USD)
Chanel XXL Flap Bag$4,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Denim Mini Flap Bag$2,700.00 (USD)
Chanel Medium Denim Flap Bag$3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel 31 Top Handle Bag$3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Vanity Denim Bag$3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Large Traveller Denim Bag$5,500.00 (USD)
Chanel Denim Rollaway Luggage$5,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Navy Denim Flap Bag$3,500.00 (USD)


Multicolor Bags

Chanel Multicolor Plexi Vanity Bag$4,400.00 (USD)
Chanel Vertical Plexi Vanity Bag$4,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Tricolor Belt Bag$3,300.00 (USD)
Chanel Deauville Multicolor Tote$4,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Camera Bag Multicolor$3,300.00 (USD)
Chanel Multicolor Tweed Flap Bag$3,700.00 (USD)

Circular Handle

Chanel Large Duffel Bag with Circle Handle$5,600.00 (USD)
Chanel Duffel Bag with Circle Handle$5,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Mini Flap with Circle Handle$3,800.00 (USD)

Classic Flaps & Boys

Chanel Boy Embroidered$5,400.00-$6,000.00 (USd)
Chanel Medium Flap Textile with Applique$9,500.00 (USD)
Chanel Medium Flap Runway$3,300.00-4,500.00 (USD)
Chanel Quilted Duffel with Flap$5,300.00 (USD)

Limited Edition

Chanel Water Bottle Bag$5,000.00 (USD)
Chanel Acrylic Runway Minaudiere Camera$19,000.00 (USD)

Other Bags

Chanel Mini Bowler Bag$4,800.00 (USD)
Chanel Mini Vanity Shoulder Bag$4,100.00 (USD)
Chanel Tote Bag with Chains$5,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Basket Vanity Bag$4,600.00 (USD)
Chanel Belt Bumbag$3,200.00 (USD)
Chanel Top Handle Multipocket Tote$4,600.00 (USD)
Chanel Gabrielle Basket Weave Bag$4,700.00 (USD)
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