Europe Dior Bag Price List Reference Guide

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Europe Dior Bag Price List Reference Guide


Updated as of October 2020

Presenting the guide to the Dior Bag Price List in European countries under the Euro currency updated as of October 2020. These prices have been gathered from European Countries, particularly Italy and France. The Northern America prices in US dollars can still be found here.
Prices may differ on the different European countries, depending on the added VAT and also the prices does not take into consideration your import duties/taxes.  One should consider that non-EU residents may get their VAT refunded, information on that process can be found here.   For more information on Dior handbag styles, visit the Dior Bag Reference Guide.

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Fall/Winter 2020

Dior Mesh Embroidery Book Tote Bag€2,700.00
Dior Embroidered Velvet Medium Lady D-Lite Bag€3,900.00
Dior Shearling Saddle Bag€3,200.00
Dior Ultramatte 30 Montaigne Box Bag€2,800.00
Dior Medium Bobby Bag€2,900.00
Dior Diortravel Vanity Case Bag€1,520.00

Pre-Fall 2020

Dior Atlas Book Tote Bag€2,500.00
Dior Tie Dye Medium Lady Dior Bag€4,200.00
Dior Oblique Jacquard Medium Dior Bobby Bag€2,900.00
Dior Tie Dye Embroidered Saddle Bag€3,000.00
Dior Around The World Embroidered Diorcamp Bag€2,700.00
Dior Tie Dye 30 Montaigne Box Bag€2,900.00

Spring 2020

Dior Grey Canvas Vanity€1,520.00
Dior White Camouflage Book Tote€2,600.00
Dior Saddle Canvas White Floral Print BagTBD
Lady Dior Mini with Embellishment€4,000.00
Dior D-Lite Canvas Cannage Bag€3,600.00

 Classic Bags

LADY DIOR BAGCurrent Price (JULY2020) Previous Price
Lady Dior Large Bag€4,200.00€3,900.00
Lady Dior Medium Bag€3,900.00€3,500.00
Lady Dior Mini Bag€3,200.00€2,800.00
Lady Dior D-Lite Medium Bag€3,600.00N/A
Dior Calfskin Diorama Flap Small BagTBD€2,550.00
Dior Perforated Calfskin Diorama Flap Small BagTBD€2,750.00
Dior Calfskin 30 Montaigne BagNo Change€2,900.00
Dior Oblique Canvas Bag€2,900.00€2,700.00
Dior Calfskin Medium Saddle BagNo Change€2,600.00
Dior Calfskin Mini Saddle Bag€2,100.00€2,300.00
Dior Oblique Canvas Medium Saddle BagNo Change€2,600.00
Dior Oblique Canvas Mini Saddle BagNo Change€2,100.00
Dior Oblique Canvas Book Tote Bag€2,300.00€2,100.00
Dior Oblique Canvas Small Book Tote Bag€2,200.00€2,100.00
Dior Calfskin Small Book Tote BagNo Change€2,200.00

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