Chanel Spring 2020 Act 2 Bag Collection featuring Matte Hardware

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Chanel Spring 2020 Act 2 Bag Collection featuring Matte Hardware


Euro Prices for Spring 2020 Act 2 Bag Collection

Runway Bags

Chanel Floral Sequins Classic FlapTBD
Chanel Floral Sequins Mini BagTBD
Chanel Pink Tweed Mini Flap Bag€3,150
Chanel Classic Tweed Red Flap Bag€5,150
Chanel Pink Tweed Bowling Bag€3,350
Chanel Chain Tweed Flap Mini Bag (also Calfskin)€7,000
Chanel Pink Ombre Sequins Flap BagTBD
Chanel Pink Ombre Mini Sequins Flap Bag (also Blue)€3,200

Matte Hardware

Chanel Matte Hardware Flap Bag€3,400

Chanel 19

Chanel 19 Maxi Blue Graphic Textile Bag€4,300
Chanel 19 Denim Large Flap Bag€3,900
Chanel 19 Tweed Large Flap Bag€4,300
Chanel 19 Maxi Calfskin Flap Bag€5,150
Chanel 19 Large Calfskin Flap Bag€4,700

Classic Flaps, Gabrielle & Boy Bags

Chanel Gabrielle Pink Small Bag€3,600
Chanel Medium Gabrielle Blue Bag€3,800
Chanel Medium Denim Logo Handle Gabrielle Bag€4,600
Chanel Square Mini Flap Bag€2,680
Chanel Rectangle Mini Flap Bag€3,050

For Chanel classic and boy flap bags check the main price guide for current pricing.

Chain Embellished

Chanel Filigree Chain Vanity Bag€5,650
Chanel Filigree Chain Small Vanity Bag€5,450
Chanel Chain Timeless Classic Large Flap€5,300
Chanel Chained Drawstring Bag€4,200
Chanel Drawstring Grey Bag€3,200
Chanel Small Drawstring Bag€2,800
Chanel Frame with Chain Handle Bag€5,000
Chanel Small Frame with Chain Handle Bag€4,400
Chanel Logo Chain Waist Bag€3,350

Pearl Embellished

Chanel Pearl Deauville Bag€3,300
Chanel Mini Flap with Pearl on Chain€3,500
Chanel Logo Chain Pearl Vertical Flap€3,800
Chanel Logo Chain Pearl Mini Flap€4,150
Chanel  Flap Metal Bar Clutch Bag€3,900

Other Bags

Chanel Half Moon Pleated Clutch€2,400
Chanel Pleats Classic Flap Bag€4,100
Chanel Mini Quilted Hobo Clutch€3,200
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