Chanel Pre-Spring 2020 Bag Collection Featuring New Gabrielle Styles

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Chanel Pre-Spring 2020 Bag Collection Featuring New Gabrielle Styles


UK Pound Prices for Pre-Spring 2020

Chanel Gabrielle

Chanel Gabrielle Small Chevron BagTBD
Chanel Gabrielle Small Denim Bag£3,450.00
Chanel Gabrielle Medium Chevron BagTBD
Chanel Gabrielle Small Shoulder Bag – Logo Handle£3,940.00
Chanel Gabrielle Medium Shoulder Bag – Logo Handle£4,300.00
Chanel Gabrielle Large Shoulder BagTBD

Top Handles & Drawstring Bags

Chanel Quilted Top Handle Bag£2,740.00
Chanel Trendy CC Large BagTBD
Chanel Trendy CC Medium Bag£3,980.00
Chanel Pink Deauville Drawstring Bag£2,510.00
Chanel Chevron Coco Small Top Handle Bag£2,920.00
Chanel Chevron Coco Large Top Handle Bag£3,760.00
Chanel Drawstring Bag£3,140.00
Chanel Shopping Tote Bag Small£3,760.00
Chanel Shopping Tote Bag Large£3,940.00


Chanel Deauville

Chanel Deauville Medium Tote Bag – Black£1,970.00
Chanel Deauville Canvas Tote Bag£2,420.00
Chanel Leather Deauville Tote Bag£3,140.00
Chanel Coco Deauville Canvas Tote Bag£3,050.00

Chanel 19 Flap & Boys

Chanel 19 Pink Small Flap Bag£3,940.00
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag£4,410.00
Chanel 19 Maxi Blue Flap Bag£4,830.00
Chanel Velvet Small Boy Bag£3,270.00
Chanel Velvet Boy Bag£3,540.00
Chanel Small Ruthenium Studs Boy Bag£4,570.00
Chanel Leather Boy Bag£4,020.00

Chanel Flaps Textile

Chanel Yellow Coco Canvas Flap£2,510.00
Chanel Medium Coco Canvas Flap£2,780.00
Chanel Teal Canvas Flap Medium£3,540.00
Chanel Denim Quilted Flap Bag£3,230.00
Chanel Tweed Mini Flap Bag£4,300.00
Chanel Sequin Flap BagTBD
Chanel Pink Mini 2.55 Re-Issue Flap£2,420.00
Chanel Graffiti Flap Bag£3,500.00


Chanel Flaps Leather

Chanel Flap Bag£3,500.00
Chanel Logo CC Calfskin Flap£3,410.00
Chanel Logo Flap Bag (Beige & Black)£3,850.00
Chanel Shopping Handle Flap Bag£4,300.00
Chanel Flap Bag with Beaded Logo£3,360.00
Chanel Small Metallic 2.55 Flap£3,030.00

Runway Bags and Clutches

Chanel Silver Ring Clutch£3,140.00
Chanel Belt Bag with CC£2,870.00
Chanel Camera Case Clutch with Chain£3,230.00
Chanel Evening Bag Clutch with CC£4,120.00
Chanel Shopping bag with Charms£3,940.00
Chanel Chained Shopping Tote£4,350.00
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