Top 10 Louis Vuitton Instagram Accounts To Follow

Louis Vuitton Instagrammers

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As Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular designer brands, you will be amazed on how much photos are shared everyday on Instagram. We have compiled some of the best accounts to follow for inspirations and updates. They are some of the most popular Instagram accounts in the Louis Vuitton community. Check out our Top 10 Louis Vuitton Instagram Accounts to follow!

1. lvlovercc

With over 170k followers, lvlovercc has proven her love for Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton handbags, small leather goods and shoes have been part of her everyday life.

2. jerushacouture

Australian fashion designer and YouTube Vlogger jerushacouture shares her luxurious posts including her sleek bag closet. Aside from Louis Vuitton, she’s also a fan of Gucci and Chanel.

3. kstyletg

By checking on her account, looks like kstyletg is a big fan of Monogram Canvas and Damier Ebene bags and small leather goods. She posts her bag collection including her shoes, make-up and accessories.

4. lvoe.junkie

While she shares her personal collection, you can also check out her account for updates on the latest on the French luxury brand.

5. thebagmemo

From vintage designs to modern ones, thebagmemo surely has a large collection of Louis Vuitton bags.

6. ladybagmuffin

You will be in awe to see the Louis Vuitton bags in her collection! Also, check out her pile of Louis Vuitton boxes!

7. leo_lion_lv

Linda is a self confessed Louis Vuitton addict. Her Instagram and YouTube account were created to share her love for the brand.

8. lux_mommy

A Texas mom who shares her everyday outfits along with her gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbags!

9. cer8rys

Louis Vuitton lover Kerry shares photos of her bags and what’s inside. You’re going to love how organized she is with her daily essentials!

10. lvuittonaddict

As seen in one of his posts – “I’m a barbie boy, in a Louis Vuitton world“, he is indeed!

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