Dior Autumn-Winter 2021-22 Bag Collection

Dior Autumn Winter Bag Collection

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Dior’s handbags have evolved over the years and continue innovating new designs on their timeless classics.

Dior’s Autumn-Winter 2021-22 collection explores the world of fairy tales and reveals a singular sense of femininity, more liberated than ever.

In this collection, the Lady D-Lite, Book Totes, and Saddle bag in the Mizza motif combine classic elegance with House modernity.

The style is fully embroidered, inspired by a leopard motif from the House archives. Also featured are Lady D-Lite and Caro bag in velvet change embroidery.

This collection will surely give chic and luxurious warmth to your cool outfit this winter.

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Style & Price


Price (USD)

DiorAlps Book Tote$3,400.00
Medium Dior Caro Bag$4,500.00
Gray Dior Mizza Medium Lady D-Lite Bag$5,300.00
Dior Gray Mizza Saddle Bag$4,500.00
Dior Gray Mizza Book Tote$3,800.00
Dior Steel Gray Medium Dior Caro Bag$4,500.00
Small Black Dior Caro Bag$4,100.00
Beige Multicolor Dior Mizza Medium Lady D-Lite Bag$5,400.00
Dior Black Medium Dior Caro bag$4,500.00
Dior Black Large Caro Bag$4,900.00
Blue Dior Velvet Medium Lady D-Lite Bag$5,300.00
Blue Velvet Medium Dior Caro Bag$4,300.00
Blue Velvet Crocodile Effect Dior Saddle Bag$4,600.00
Steel Blue Medium Dior Caro Bag$4,500.00
Steel Gray Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag$4,700.00
Small Blue Dior Constellation Book Tote$3,700.00


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