Goyard St. Louis Tote Bag versus Moynat Cabas Initial Tote Bag

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In this latest issue of ‘Bag Versus‘, we pit two similar shopping totes from French design houses Goyard and Moynat. With rumblings that as of Sept. 1, 2014 prices for classic Goyard St. Louis Tote bags are going up (prices are now updated) including specialty pricing on red dye, it’s time to look at whether there are other alternatives to this popular classic monogram style.  The little known french design house Moynat was revived by LVMH in 2011 after its subsequent acquisition in 2010.  Moynat created a similar classic bag with a monogram style that could potentially rival Goyard’s popular bag.
The classic shopping tote bags from both brands have similarities. Both feature the same light weight design made of coated canvas and signature monogram print.  Both brands also allow for personalization with the ability to include your initials and ribbon design.  The pricing on monogram services is slightly more for Moynat; however, the brand allows multiple designs versus the standard linear designs (check-out the Moynat Tumblr for examples).

Monogram Differences

Goyard versus Moynat (left to right)
Goyard versus Moynat (left to right)

The most obvious difference when viewing Goyard versus Moynat is that Goyard’s monogram has a very distinct 3D style that is not produced in the ‘flat’ monogram print from Moynat. Goyard also has more intricate detailing that appears on top of each ‘Y’ that appears as tiny little dots.  It also includes Goyard St. Honore inscription in specific areas of the print that appear in bold, which are also in 3D. [box type=”success” width=”600″ ]Winner: Goyard Bag for its unique detailing.[/box]

Bag Construction

Goyard St. Louis totes are unfortunately prone to reports of the sealant cracking on the base of the handles even shortly after carrying the bag.  Part of the reason that this could happen is that the weight distributed on the handle attached to the tote is not designed very well.  See the comparison of the stiching around the base of the handles. The five double stitched edges are not enough to carry the weight of items carried in the bag resulting in prolonged stress on the base of the strap. On the other hand, the Moynat Cabas version has the same type of stitching that also appears on Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags, where the stitches are placed all around the base of the strap.  The strap attachment on Moynat is also larger than the Goyard.

Goyard Strap versus Moynat Strap
Goyard Strap versus Moynat Strap (left to right)

[box type=”success” width=”600″ ]Winner: Moynat Bag for a more sturdy design.[/box]

Price Differences

The Goyard St. Louis PM tote bag in black monogram is priced at €700 VAT incl. (increasing to €750) and special colors start at €910 (increasing to €975).  The Moynat PM version only comes in one type of monogram at the moment Sepia and and Brown, priced at €690 VAT incl., currently no special colors are available. [box type=”success” width=”600″ ]Winner: Tie, the price difference is so far negligible[/box]


Although both bags are similar in design, the Moynat Cabas Initial bag is the winner, by a hair, in this case. The main consideration is at the price for a coated canvas bag one would expect that the bag would last forever.  In the case of Goyard, if you use the bag as your main city bag you may encounter problems with cracking straps. If the design changed slightly to improve the weight distribution, the Goyard St. Louis tote would be the winner due to its very unique and coveted design.

Moynat Cabas Initial Tote Bag

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