Louis Vuitton Creative Stories For The Monogram Iconoclasts

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Apart from collaborating with six icons, Louis Vuitton has created a partnership again, with six photographers and directors to create the “Creative Stories” for the Monogram Iconoclasts. Gordon Von Steiner, Colin Dodgson, Jennifer Livingston, Michael Avedon, Johnny Dufort and Pierre Debusschere has teamed up with Louis Vuitton for this one of a kind collaboraration. Photos and videos were released for the Monogram Iconoclasts with Christian Louboutin and Frank Gehry appearing on their own “Creative Story”.

Christian Louboutin by Gordon Von Steiner

Karl Lagerfeld by Colin Dodgson

Rei Kawakubo by Jennifer Livingston

Frank Gehry by Pierre Debusschere

Marc Newson by Michael Avedon

Louis Vuitton Creative Stories - Marc Newson by Michael Avedon 6

Cindy Sherman by Johnny Dufort

Source: Louis Vuitton

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