Chanel Boy Bag Price Increase starting from the Cruise 2015 collection

Chanel Dark Gold Old Medium Boy Bag - Cruise 2015

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Chanel has increased its prices again this year for Chanel Boy Bags starting with the Cruise 2015 Collection. The last increase occurred earlier this year in May 2014; however, this new increase will only effect Boy bags. An increase of 7.5% was seen on the Small size, almost 12% for the Old Medium and 13% for the New Medium or Large. It appears that the Chanel Classic Flap Bags and WOCs are safe for now.  The increase is already apparent as the Cruise 2015 boy bags are now arriving in stores.  It appears that Boy bags from previous seasons that stores may still have stock in are maintaining the old prices.
No new information is available for Europe or UK, but the Cruise 2015 collection will be fully available sometime in November 2014.

Chanel Boy Bag Price Increase Summary

Information on the difference between Old and Medium Boy bags can be found here.


New Price

Old Price

% Increase

Chanel Small Boy Bag $4,300.00 (USD) $4,000.00 (USD) 7.5%
Chanel Old Medium Boy Bag $4,700.00 (USD) $4,200.00 (USD) 11.9%
Chanel New Medium (Large) Boy Bag $5,200.00 (USD) $4,600.00 (USD) 13.0%


Chanel Cruise 2015 Colors

Here are the colors that will be available for Cruise 2015:
Blue, Black, Red, Navy Blue, White, Light Pink
White, Light Pink, Dark Beige, Navy Blue, Orange, Black, Red, Blue, Light Blue
Patent Calfskin
Black, Dark Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Beige, Dark Beige, Light Brown, Blue, Green, Dark Blue
Iridescent Calfskin
Dark Gold, Pink, Gold, Charcoal, Ivory, Light Gold
Metallic Perforated
Pink, Dark Blue, Dark Silver, Blue, Dark Orange, Light Gold


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