Chanel Bag Price Increase in Europe Effective May 11th

Chanel 19 Red Large Bag - Spring 2020

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Update May 18, 2020:

US price changes can be found here.

UK price changes can be found here.

Update May 11, 2020: Classic bags including Chanel 19, Chanel Classic Flap and Boy Bags are increased for Europe. It also includes WOC and other SLG.  Information is updated below as it becomes available. Check the Europe Bag Reference Guide – Classic Bags for latest.

In line with Louis Vuitton, Chanel is RUMOURED to have a price increase to it’s classic bags on May 11. Again the timing is extremely insensitive as people are still suffering but seeing as some people will be flocking to the store this might be the perfect chance to boost earnings as stores are closed for the better part of the world.

Classic bags sub as flaps, boy bags and the much loves Chanel 19 will be affected by 4-25% in Europe; however, no confirmation on US or UK. The last price increase occured in November 2019.

More pricing information for all countries is updated once it’s arrived.

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