Bag Versus: Chanel Valentine Flap versus Balenciaga BB Round Charms

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For this edition of Bag Versus, we are comparing the Chanel Valentine Flap and Balenciaga BB Round. Are the designs to close for comfort?
Chanel is well known for doing the Limited Edition Valentine charm designs years ago but recently we noticed Balenciaga in bringing back their flap also had iconic charms attached to their chain. Is this a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Not really, seeing as these fashion houses compete on the same level. However, Balenciaga could argue that they’ve done charms on chains earlier than Chanel. That being said Chanel is well known for their Valentine flap.
Take a look at the comparisons below:
The Chanel Valentine Flap features the iconic Classic Flap Bag with charms on the interwoven chain and leather strap. The charms comes in different heart designs and the brand’s signature Camellia flower, as this bag is exclusively made for Valentine’s Day.
IG: fashionphile
Chanel Valentine Flap 2 IG: mydaisybelle
Chanel Valentine Flap 3 IG: koolettt

Balenciaga BB Round

FromĀ Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, the BB Round has a similar style as the Classic Flap. Balenciaga charms include the Eiffel Tower, hearts and keys. Priced at $2,450 for Jacquard, $2,490 for Velvet and $2,590 for leather. All materials features the Balenciaga logo pattern.
Balenciaga BB Round Charms 1 IG: parenthesebordeaux
Balenciaga BB Round Charms 2 IG: siendilovesshoes
Balenciaga BB Round Charms 3 IG: luisaviaroma

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