Watch the Mini Series by Hermes "Inside petit h"

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Hermes “petit h” was a concept developed to promote re-use and artistic reinvigoration of what would have been waste material from making their luxury goods. The idea was developed in 2009 and since then the brand has been reworking these remnants textiles (ie. leather and silk) into fantastic new artistic pieces from housewares, toys and other decorative items.

The woman who runs this whole operation is Madame Pascale Mussard (Artistic Director of petit h and Great great great grand-daughter of Pierre Hermes). She’s also the person who thought of the idea to launch the “petit h” as a way to promote creativity, innovation and environmental practices for the brand. They’ve since launched a five mini series giving people an insiders look into their artisan shop and how they make some of the cool creations for Petit h. Watch the full-series on Youtube.
Source: Hermes

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