The Best City To Buy A Chanel Bag in 2017

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Updated as of June 2017

As Chanel Europe recently increased its prices once again, it’s a good time to check which city is the least expensive to buy a Chanel bag. We have compared the prices of Chanel’s iconic bags such as the Classic Flaps and Boy Bags, between US, France and United Kingdom.
All prices were based on Note that US Price includes New York City Sales Tax which is 8.875%.
While Euro Price includes the tax refund, with the use of the Refund Calculator from Global Blue. Euro and UK Pound prices are converted to US$ for better comparison.

Style & Price


US Price

Euro Price

UK Pound Price

Chanel Square Mini Classic Flap Bag $3,157.38 (USD) $2,333.25 (USD) $2,694.37 (USD)
Chanel Rectangular Mini Classic Flap Bag $3,375.13 (USD) $2,580.42 (USD) $2,989.47 (USD)
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag $5,117.13 (USD) $3,944.79 (USD) $4,926.86 (USD)
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag $5,334.88 (USD) $4,429.24 (USD) $5,119.32 (USD)
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag $5,988.13 (USD) $4,933.46 (USD) $5,709.51 (USD)
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag $6,532.50 (USD) $4,768.47 (USD) $6,197.07 (USD)
Chanel Small Boy Chanel Flap Bag $4,681.63 (USD) $3,618.53 (USD) $4,105.71 (USD)
Chanel Old Medium Boy Flap Bag $5,117.13 (USD) $3,934.90 (USD) $4,464.97 (USD)
Chanel New Medium Boy Flap Bag $5,661.50 (USD) $4,389.69 (USD) $4,991.01 (USD)
Chanel Large Boy Flap Bag $5,988.13 (USD) $4,706.06 (USD) $5,350.26 (USD)

** Average rate for June 2017 is used for the conversion.
Euro to USD = 1.123488
UK Pound to USD = 1.283037
Source: X-Rates


Based on the price comparison, it is still cheapest to buy Chanel from European countries. The tax refund when flying out from EU greatly affects the total price of the item. Despite the latest increase, the price from Europe is still almost a thousand cheaper compared to US, and few hundred dollars cheaper than United Kingdom. Shopping Chanel in Europe also gives you more variety, as more shops are located in different cities.
However, personal experiences may still vary. This comparison only serves as a guide and can be used as a reference for future shopping.

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