Preview Of Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Bag Collection

Chanel Black/Natural Woven CC Filigree Bag 2

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Following the release of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Act 1 Collection, the Parisian brand held a preview of the Act 2 Collection. The presentation was held at Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The Spring/Summer 2019 Collection takes it inspiration from the beach, hence the title “Chanel By The Sea”. It features beach inspired pieces including bags in a shape of beach ball and seashell. Fluffy fabric similar to a towel were used in the iconic flap and tote bags. The brand’s signature tweed material is used in a variety of ready-to-wear items such as jackets, skirts and dresses. Sandals with the chanel logo comes in transparent material and calfskin.

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