Prada Trick Bear Charms for Holiday 2014 Collection

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Introducing the Prada Trick Bear Charms for Holiday 2014 Collection. For years now, Prada has been introducing different charms, or as the brand calls it “Prada Tricks”, every Holiday season. The most popular among the tricks are the cute adorable bears dressed up in different clothing and accessories. The bear tricks are made of fur and even have their own names. It comes in gold-plated or steel hook (depending on the bear design) and a split ring. Every bear has the Prada logo, and could be use as charm for your handbag or as a keychain. For the Prada Holiday 2014 Collection, the brand offers 9 bears named Brigitte, Claire, Ettore, Franz, Mary, Olivia, Renee, Tom and Topazzio.

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Prada Trick Bear Charm $250.00 (USD) 5.9” H

2014 Collection

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Source: Prada

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