Nicole Richie with Celine Micro Luggage Bag: Size Comparison

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The Celine Micro luggage bag (10 x 10 inches) is not often seen on celebrities. Part of the reason is that in terms of size the bigger Mini Luggage bag at (12 x 12 inches) will fit more and make you look skinnier, relatively speaking. The one celebrity that can pull it off with her frame is Nicole Richie (5 feet) seen here wearing a Fall Winter 2011 black and white micro bag with pebbled finish.

Another celebrity with the same frame is Kourtney Kardashian (also 5 feet), who carries the Celine Mini Luggage (see comparison below). The difference is minor at 2 inches but Kourtney’s bag appears slightly larger.


About the Bag

Price point wise, the difference between a Micro and Mini is $200. The Micro retails for about $2,200USD; however it is difficult to find in the stores as typically stores do not stock it… the Mini is more common.


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