Moynat Sac Mignon Shoulder Bag Reference Guide

Moynat Grey Sac Mignon Bag

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Introducing the Moynat Sac Mignon Bag. This tiny city bag is made of Box Calf leather. As Moynat celebrates its 165th year in creating trunks and bag this year, they have also introduced this new mini bag. The bag includes a detachable shoulder strap, allowing it to be used as a clutch bag as well.  The look is similar to the Rejane Saddle bag with the distinct curved shape; however, the front enclosure is slightly different.

Style, Price & Size




Moynat Sac Mignon Bag €2,600.00 6.7” x 5.5” x 2.4”


Moynat Brown Sac Mignon Bag
Moynat Grey Sac Mignon Bag
Moynat Black Sac Mignon Bag
Moynat Black Sac Mignon Bag 2

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