How to Make: Lady Gaga Spiked Hermes Bag

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I think I’m going to attempt replicating this bag.. Sans Hermes though because I would have to sell my car to buy a Birkin — OR MY SOUL! AGH. Well I will attempt with this purse that I found at the Toronto Clothing Show last year at one of the vintage stands…. although the shape itself spikes might be overkill and flat studs might look better.

There are a bunch of places that have flat studs / spikes that you can attach.. and Youtube videos on how to go about attaching them to leather…. and a promo for their website to buy the studs Pretty awesome I might add… I’ll have to experiment with my bags one of these days and will report the results.

You can buy a bag of 100 flat studs for less than $25… just bought myself 2 bags, one with spikes and one with flat studs of 100 for $47CAD with shipping 🙂

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