Hermes Sale reported on Rodeo Drive from Aug 22 to 24 2013

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Dolce & Gabbana
A big US Hermes sale is reported to be happening from Aug 22 – 24 at the temporary location on 428 N. Rodeo Drive in California. The new store is set to open their doors on Beverly Hills on Sept 4th, and as result a massive sale between 40-60% off will be held at the temporary location. The private VIP sale is rumoured to start on Aug 21, 2013. As in previous sales held in other countries no signature bags (ie. Birkins/Kelly/Constance) will be available; however, there will be tons of scarves and other highly coveted accessories. Expect to see lines starting very early in the morning.

Hermes Sale

428 N. Rodeo Drive
Opens 10-6pm
Starts Aug 22 to 24, private sale Aug 21st
Picture credit: Hermes

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