Hermes Canvas Tote Bags for Spring / Summer 2014

Hermes Gray-Beige Quaridge Steeple Bag

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Presenting the Hermes Canvas Bags for Spring / Summer 2014. Canvas bags are a great option for travel and also as an everyday bag since the canvas is treated on the exterior making it extremely durable for every day wear.  The classic Hermes Garden Party is available in striped motifs and in lighter canvas colors like beige and ecru.  A number of beach and shopping tote bags are released in addition to the Steeple bag with Horse print that is exclusive to the Spring / Summer 2014 collection.

Hermes Garden Party

Style Price
Hermes Garden Party Canvas Bag (size 30cm) $ 1,950.00 USD
Hermes Garden Party Canvas Bag (size 36cm) $ 2,200.00 USD

Other Beach Styles



Herme Uni Beach Bag $990.00 (USD)
Hermes Escale PM Bag $1,000.00 (USD)
Hermes Etriviere Shopping Bag $1,950.00 (USD)
Hermes Coup de Fouet Etriviere Shopping Bag $2,275.00 (USD)
Hermes Optique Chaine d’Ancre Beach Bag $1,350.00 (USD)
Hermes Chevaux En Camouflage Beach Bag $1,400.00 (USD)
Hermes Quaridge Steeple Bag $3,475.00 (USD)
Hermes Bourlingue Bag CA$6,235.00 ($5,762.31 USD)

Source: Hermes

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