Hermes Bracelet Stacking Guide

Hermes Bracelet Stacking Guide 9

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It’s 2018 and an Hermes bracelet is still one of the hottest accessories as to date. Back in 2014, we have posted a guide on stacking different designer bracelets. This time, we have dedicated this post for Hermes bracelets. The trend has still hasn’t gone down, and it’s nice to see on how fashionistas are wearing their favorite arm accessory. We’ve seen the bracelet worn on its own, or paired with other Hermes styles or carried with other brands. Others opted to use basic colors like black, gray and white, some chose pastels, while others got bolder with bright colors. Until now, the most popular Hermes bracelets are still Collier de Chien, Clic Clac/Clic H and Rivale.
In 2015, Hermes has surprisingly decreased its prices on its jewelry line. Included in this are the Clic Clac H, Clic H, Collier de Chien and Kelly Dog. Since then, prices has remained the same.
Check out these different styles on how to stack up the Hermes bracelets.

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