Givenchy does a Really Tiny Version of their Iconic Pandora Bag

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If your coveted Givenchy Pandora bag had a baby what would you get? Probably this little number, which is new from the Fall / Winter 2014 collection.  It’s appropriately dubbed the Pandora coin purse, if you’re the type to carry small change separate from your regular wallet. The majority of people however will want this baby purse just because it’s so cute to go inside that Pandora bag you already own that’s chock full of stuff.  It’s got the same double opening as the classic Pandora bag; however, its missing that key chain hook so we can hook in on to all of our other charms.
This baby Pandora runs around $393.46 (incl. duties) available directly at Far Fetch in a few different variations pictured below.

Givenchy Pandora Coin Purse
Pictured next to the Pandora Clutch about half the size of the coin purse


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