Comparison Between the New and Old Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

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Louis Vuitton recently made some minor updates to the classic Speedy Bag. Although the change is very subtle, many Louis Vuitton collectors would easily identify the slight changes on the Speedy Bag. The classic design still remains the same and the overall look remains unchanged. Here is a look at the minor differences from the old Speedy to the new Speedy bag. For an enlarged picture, click on the photo.
Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Changes
On the left is the old Speedy bag, notice the bag’s chaps (the leather connecting the bag’s handle) are flat, and the stitching is under the brass rivet.  On the right, the new Speedy bag shows that the chaps are now puffier.  The effect appears more prominent in the picture of the Damier Ebene; however, in person the Monogram Canvas would show that the chaps no longer lie entirely flat against the canvas.  The stitching on the new Speedy now appears above the rivet. The update is likely to increase the bag’s longevity as the wider reinforced stitching would make the handle more secure.
Another minor difference is the back of the leather pull for the zipper is now lined with leather versus unfinished in the original.

The differences between the two are very minimal. Yet some who knows the changes, would prefer the old version, while some chooses the new one. Whichever you choose, both styles are still beautiful. A timeless design that should not be missed.
Source: Louis Vuitton

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