Chanel’s “Dad” Sandals Guide

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The “Dad” and Trek sandals trend is surely back again! what once was the “It” footwear back in the 90s, whether wearing a socks on a pair of these chunky sandals or not, we’re all for this fashion statement. Some may call it ugly shoe styles fashion and may not appeal to everyone, because it wasn’t exactly as pretty and dainty and was made in darker colors but thanks to Chanel replicating its chunky sandals again and appears in brighter hues, pushed out more colorful styles. Since the “dad” sandal trend is back once again, we are sure this time it will have wider appeal. This Chanel Sandals style comes in cord sandals, denim and velvet. Check out these “love it or hate it, I don’t care” sandals!

Style & Price


US Price

EU Price

Chanel Cord Sandals $1,250.00 (USD) € 1,170.00
Chanel Denim Sandals $1,450.00 (USD) € 1,300.00
Chanel Velvet Sandals $1,450.00 (USD) € 1,250.00


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