Chanel Spring Summer 2020 Runway Bag Collection featuring the Classics

Chanel Sequin Floral Flap Bag - Spring 2020

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Virginie Viard the new Creative Director to succeed the late Karl Lagerfeld presented her first solo Spring / Summer 2020 runway show for Chanel and it featured bags that were traditional to the brand’s core. The models were all dressed in very classic Chanel overtures with full length tweed blazers adorned with lots of chained jewelry and bracelets. It’s what we would describe as a very safe good but good collection but lacking in the typical theatrics that Karl was most known for in his themed runway shows. Notably missing was the key accessory during the show that emphasized the collection theme (usually very literal). Previously we would see at least one sometimes comical yet always covet-worthy overly priced clutch that emphasized the collection’s theme, examples:





  • Chanel Gas Can
  • Chanel Groceries

The bags were much the same most were mini flaps in classic quilt and printed tweed. Albeit the bags were lovely but lacking in that same fun aspect of typical Chanel collections.

Classic Quilted

Printed Quilted, Sequins & Tweed


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