Chanel Python and Stingray Bags for 2012

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Introducing the python and stingray bags from Chanel for 2012. Exotic bags have been making a major resurgence among a number of luxury brands as the material gives an interesting look and texture to a normal handbag. Stingray has a glittery iridescent feel to it and it’s hard to tell what kind of shiny material it’s from. Python is often left natural or dyed into different shades giving it a luxuriously bright and interesting texture.

Chanel Bindi Tote Bag

Note that the top clasp on the tote is lined with black stingray. Retails for $5,300USD.

Chanel Stingray Boy Bag

The interior of the front flap is lined with shiny stingray. Retails for $3,900USD for small.

Chanel Python Reissue 225 Bag

Retails for $8,800USD for 225 Reissue bag.

Chanel flap Bags in Python

Jumbo flap bag is $6,000USD and Mini bag is 4,800USD.

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