Chanel Espadrille Flats Reference Guide

Information on the popular Chanel Espadrilles that are the perfect piece for summer. The flats more commonly appear in two materials, canvas and leather. The style comes in different heights and also different styles, which are seasonal. These include tie-up canvas versions and slip-on espadrilles with various embellishments.  Current pricing information is current to the date of the post. For colors and variations check-out the previous posts below.

Chanel Espadrille Price Summary


US Price

Euro Price

Chanel Leather Espadrilles (without/with embellishment)$675.00 (USD)€450.00 / € 580.00
Chanel Suede Espadrilles with Single Sole$625.00 (USD) N/A
Chanel Suede Espadrilles with Double Sole$675.00 (USD) N/A
Chanel Canvas Espadrilles$595.00 (USD) N/A


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