Chanel Cruise 2012 Bag Collection

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Information on the Chanel Cruise 2012 Bag collection, this is a very late post but these bags are in stores and are available in wonderful colors! For the Fall 2012 collection see here.  This post includes the most recent prices and also the style offerings for this particular season.


Chanel Be CC Tote Bag

$3,600.00 (USD)

Chanel Be CC Tote Large Bag

$4,000.00 (USD)


Chanel Gabrielle Flap Small Bag

$2,700.00 (USD)

Chanel Gabrielle Flap Medium Bag

$2,900.00 (USD)

Chanel Gabrielle Tote Medium Bag

$3,600.00 (USD)

Chanel Gabrielle Tote Large Bag

$3,900.00 (USD)


Chanel Rita Tote Bag

$4,200.00 (USD)

Chanel Rita Flap Small Bag

$2,700.00 (USD)

Chanel Rita Flap Large Bag

$3,100.00 (USD)

Chain Around

Chanel Chain Around Small Bag

$2,200.00 (USD)

Chanel Chain Around Medium Bag

$2,800.00 (USD)

Chanel Chain Around Large Bag

$3,300.00 (USD)


Chanel Mademoiselle Small Bag

$3,500.00 (USD)

Chanel Mademoiselle Medium Bag

$3,800.00 (USD)

Chanel Mademoiselle Large Bag

$4,100.00 (USD)

French Riviera

Chanel French Riviera Hobo Bag

$3,200.00 (USD)

Chanel French Riviera Tote Bag

$3,700.00 (USD)

Chanel French Riviera Oversized Tote Bag

$3,600.00 (USD)

Chanel French Riviera Flap Bag

$2,600.00 (USD)


Chanel Boy Flap Small Bag

$3,000.00 (USD)

Chanel Boy Flap Medium Bag

$3,200.00 (USD)

Chanel Boy Flap Large Bag

$3,600.00 (USD)

Classic Flap

Chanel Iridescent Classic Mini Flap Bag

$1,900.00 (USD)

Chanel Yellow Classic Flap Jumbo Bag

$4,400.00 (USD)

Chanel Red Classic Flap Jumbo Bag

$4,900.00 (USD)


Chanel Red Grand Shopping Tote Bag

$2,900.00 (USD)

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