Celine Bag Price List Reference Guide

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Updated November 2013

This price list was last maintained on November 2013. The “new” prices are those that exist from the period beginning June 2012 to November 2013. The new column the most updated known price and the second column is the previous price from the last update (which occurred in August 2013).  If N/A it indicates no change and price was carry-forwarded to November 2013. For Winter 2013 references to bag styles see here with prices.
This list is meant only as a guide and your personal experience may vary depending on your country and the particular retailer.  Please be aware that differences may occur depending on season stock, applicable taxes and duties.
If you’re not sure about the types, check out the Celine section for references.

 Fall/Winter 2013 Bags Availability Prices as of November 2013 Previous Price from last update % Diff
Luggage Bags
Celine Mini Luggage Bag 2,800 2,700 4%
Celine Tricolor Mini Luggage Bag 2,900 2,800 4%
Celine ‘Shiny Calf’ Mini Luggage Bag 3,000 N/A
Celine Palmelato Leather Mini Luggage Bag 3,450 3,250 6%
Celine Spazzalato Leather Mini Luggage Bag 3,250 N/A
Celine Patchwork Pony Hair Mini Luggage Bag 4,250 N/A
Celine Pony and Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag 4,250 N/A
Celine Full Python Mini Luggage Bag 5,600 N/A
Celine Solid Color Nano Luggage Bag 2,400 2,300 4%
Celine Tri-Color Nano Luggage Bag 2,500 2,400 4%
Celine Felt Phantom Bag 1,800 N/A
Celine Medium Calfskin Phantom Bag 2,700 N/A
Celine Medium Python Phantom Bag 5,600 N/A
Trapeze Bags
Celine Felt Trapeze Bag 2,100 N/A
Celine Tri-color Leather Trapeze Bag 2,600 N/A
Celine Patent Trapeze Bag 2,800 N/A
Celine Tri-color Pony Trapeze Bag 3,750 N/A
Celine Python Flap Trapeze Bag 4,550 N/A
Celine Python Flap and Sides Trapeze Bag 4,550 N/A
Box Flap Bags
Celine Tiger Pony Print Box Bag 4,550 N/A
Celine Python Box Bag 4,550 N/A
Celine Ostrich Box Bag 7,300 N/A
Clutches *see marked for update
Celine Clutch Pouch Single                            520 470 10%
Celine Clutch Pouch Exotic                            690 N/A
Celine Trio Bag* Updated                           1,150 980 15%
Celine Diamond Clutch Bag (Suede)                         1,695 N/A
Celine Exotic Suede Diamond Clutch Bag                         2,100 N/A
Celine Bicolor Diamond Clutch Bag                         2,300 N/A
Cabas Totes *see marked for update
Celine Bicolor Cabas Lambskin Bag 1,200 1,150 4%
Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag                         1,300 1200 8%
Celine Vertical Cabas Zip Bag 1,550 N/A
Celine Phantom Cabas Tote Bag *Updated 2,450 2,100 17%
Celine Woven Cabas Tote Bag *Updated                         4,100 N/A


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