Celine Phantom Bag: New Leather, Wingspan for Spring 2012

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Check-out the new version of the Celine Phantom Bag, featuring stiffer leather as well as smaller wingspan. What do you think of the new iteration?
I’ve updated the designer gallery section to feature new iterations for the Celine Mini Luggages since they were first realeased in 2010… and how they are in 2012. Most of the changes are greater such as having a better structured bag. This includes the trapeze bag as well.  Stay tuned for updates!
 Note: I’ve added a spring 2012 phantom with “regular wingspan” versus the “new wingspan”. If you plan to over the phone with an SA, make sure to ask or else you might be surprised when you get your new package.
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Check out the Where to Buy section, Designer Bag Gallery, or Celine Phantom Bag section for more information.

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