Celine Summer 2012 Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Celine Summer 2012 bags. There are a few new styles that have surfaced… including:

  • the ‘CASE’, a wider flap bag that looks narrower than the ‘Celine box’
  • the ‘SEAU’ is the new giant drawstring bag, similar to the drawstrings that you would find at Louis Vuitton
  • the ‘DIAMOND’ clutch, which looks like a sturdy box clutch probably comes with a short leather strap
  • – the ‘CANVAS PHANTOM’, this is a cheaper version of the all leather phantoms that retail for $2300, I think these are available for about $1700USD since it’s not made of leather[/list]

I’m definitely loving the new combos… Celine does fantastic color and material combos.


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