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Celine Bag Price List Reference Guide

Spring 2017



Celine Smooth Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Celine Lizard Nano Luggage Bag $5,200.00 (USD)
Celine Natural Calfskin Cut Out Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $4,050.00 (USD)
Celine Baby Grained Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag $2,550.00 (USD)
Trapeze and Cabas
Celine Lambskin Quilted Small Trapeze Bag $3,750.00 (USD)
Celine Calfskin Liégé Small Cabas Bag $1,300.00 (USD)
Celine Smooth Calfskin/Suede Large Cabas Phantom Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Classic Box and Tri-Fold
Celine Medium Classic Box Bag $4,350.00 (USD)
Celine Small Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag $2,900.00 (USD)
Celine Clutch on Chain Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag $2,200.00 (USD)
Belt Bag and Trotteur
Celine Double Stitching Calfskin Micro Belt Bag $2,650.00 (USD)
Celine Grained Calfskin Mini Belt Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Celine Medium Trotteur Shoulder Bag $2,950.00 (USD)
Other Bags
Celine Bucket Biker Shoulder Bag $3,400.00 (USD)
Celine Smooth Calfskin Medium Frame Shoulder Bag $2,700.00 (USD)
Celine Large Sloutchy Tote Bag $4,350.00 (USD)
Celine Smooth Calfskin/Tie & Dye Fabric Canvas Tote Bag $2,350.00 (USD)

*for all prices check the collection guide link