Bag Battle: Hermes Constance vs Celine Box vs YSL Chyc

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Weeee BAG BATTLE! I’ve often read about striking comparisons between Hermes, YSL and Celine especially with regards to the classic shapes Hermes is renowned for. Time to do a comparison of the iconic bags in action…. as seen above we have Alessandra Ambrosio of Victoria’s Secret fame carying the Celine Beige Medium Box, Mary Kate Olsen carrying a Hermes Constance in Green Crocodile and January Jones carrying the YSL ‘CHYC’ Flap Bag in Medium size.

Price wise the Hermes Constance in Crocodile will cost you up to a whopping $12,000! Don’t believe me, sold a used version in Black Crocodile for $12,900, but apparently retailed for $36,000. Crocodile must be hard to come by. On average you can buy a 23cm box (equivalent to 9.5″ width) for around $2,800 to $4,000 on the resale market.

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celine-classic-box-bag celine-cobalt-mini-and-celine-red-mini-luggage-bag

Next is the Celine Box Flap Bag, which also comes in different sizes much like the Hermes Constance ranging from small of 7″ width to a large size 11.5″ width (Check out the Designer Bag Galleries for measurements and size comparisons). The depth on the Box is bigger than the Constance allowing you to fit more of your items. The  ‘H’ logo on the Constance however is more recognizable and will probably get heads turning faster. Expect to pay on average $3,500 for a medium box.

Finally the YSL ‘Chyc’ Flap combines the  Hermes ‘H’ and the Celine box shape into one! Here you have the YSL ‘Y’ logo bag… comes in at a reasonable $1,300 last time it was on Net-A-Porter. The strap is a bit too short for my liking and doesn’t wear as a cross-body bag as well as the previous two bags.
If I had to pick it would have to be the Celine Box, but I’m biased since I’m positively obsessed with their bags. Plus it comes in a greater variety of sizes, shapes and colors… the Hermes Constance is just way out of my budget and I’ve only seen the YSL in black — and only Patent leather which I’m not a huge fan of.

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