Authenticate Celine Bags: Differences from 2011 to 2012

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Authenticating Celine bags is difficult due to the numerous iterations of tags, labels and zippers when the first release of the bag occurred. I’ve highlighted changes in the interior from 2011 and 2012 in terms of the pockets to help those trying to figure out whether a used bag online is authentic or not. However, Celine is standardizing a lot of the bags now due to influx of fakes out there.
Please note, that this guide is not a substitute for doing your due-diligence. Some tried and true guides to making sure you don’t get ripped off include:
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  • Buy from a seller with high feedback AND a re aputation for selling designer bags
  • Authenticate you bag on The Purse Forum, they have a large thread on Celine and have people that know about authenticating
  • Ask to see if they have receipts for the bag as the is the easiest way to authenticate
  • Always ask to see detailed shots and check to see if labels are centered since fake bags are not particular when it comes to aligning details that would be normal on a real bag.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Be knowledgeable of the prices for bags, Celine is typically selling at a premium, even used, as it is difficult to get your hands on one


2011 Interior characteristics for Celine Mini Lugagge:

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  • Interior pockets on both sides, one zippered and one not
  • Interior is suede on pebbled versus not
  • They are attached to the underlining of the top of the bag, notice how the pockets can flap
  • Tag on interior is typically on the same leather as the exterior of the bag (so pebbled) with CELINE and Made in Italy underneath
  • Interior usually has an extra piece of leather with the codes embedded on two lines in a particular order

Note: Prior to summer 2011, there were some odd inconsistencies with authentic Celines.. namely tag differences which I won’t name here. This is not a 100% guide to cover all those changes as there were many, including lack of cellphone pockets on one side of the bag as well.

 photo-21  photo-11

2012 Interior characteristics for Celine Mini Lugagge:

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  • Stays the same: Interior pockets on both sides, one zippered and one not
  • Stays the same: Interior is suede on pebbled versus not in smooth leather
  • Different: the pockets are now attached on the interior of the bag
  • Tags are bigger on the new version, its no longer a small rectangular tag but a long tag with three lines of writing
  • Interior code is three lines (not pictured), two lines with authentic codes and one line with Celine Made in Italy, not in some cases only appears as two lines


 celine-2012-new-interior-pebbled-drummed  celine-2012-new-interior-pebbled-drummed2

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