Authentic Balenciaga Reference Guide – Sizes
Balenciaga comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and hardware. Here’s a summary run-down of the names and editions available.  This is by no means a definitive guide, but is a starter for those just getting into designer Balenciaga bags. Leather types can come in Chevre (Goat), Agneau (Lambskin) and Veau (Calfskin) but finding the bags nowadays are in Lambskin.
BALENCIAGA SIZES – this size guide is based on the original purse shape, the next sectio will discuss the variations on the standard “city” style.
Sizes start from SMALL to LARGE
Balenciaga First

Size: 13.5″w x 7.5″h x 2.6″d (Approx)
Balenciaga Day

Measurements: 16″w x 13″h x 5″d (Approx)
Balenciaga Twiggy

Measurements: 14″L x 7″h x 6.5″d (approx)
Balenciaga Part-Time

Measurements: 17″L x 8.7″H x 7″D (approx)
Balenciaga City

Measurements: 15”L x 9.4”H x 5.5”D (Approx)
Balenciaga Work

Measurements: 18”L x 10.6”H x 8”D (approx)
Balenciaga Weekender

Measurements: 21″L x 15″H x 9″D (approx)

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