Australia Chanel Bag Price List Reference Guide

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Updated as of June 2020

Introducing the the guide to Australia Chanel Bag prices. The prices listed are Australian Dollars, gathered from Please note that prices may vary depending on your personal experience. This list serves as a guide and may change depending on the taxes and custom duties of your destination country.
For the North American US dollar price list, Visit Here.
For more information on different styles of Chanel Handbags, visit the Chanel Bag Reference Guide.

Chanel Classic Bag Prices

Classic Bags


Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag AU$12,670.00
Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag AU$11,780.00
Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag AU$10,800.00
Chanel Classic Small Flap Bag AU$9,820.00
Chanel Classic Rectangular Mini Flap Bag AU$6,250.00
Chanel Classic Square Mini Flap Bag AU$5,980.00
Chanel Reissue 227 Bag AU$12,670.00
Chanel Reissue 226 Bag AU$11,780.00
Chanel Reissue 225 Bag AU$10,800.00
Chanel Reissue 224 Bag AU$9,820.00

Boy Bags


Chanel New Medium Quilted Boy Flap Bag AU$8,890.00
Chanel Old Medium Quilted Boy Flap Bag AU$8,390.00
Chanel Small Quilted Boy Flap Bag AU$7,680.00
Chanel Vertical Quilted Boy Flap Bag AU$6,780.00

Gabrielle Bags


Chanel Large Gabrielle Hobo Bag AU$7,500.00
Chanel Medium Gabrielle Hobo Bag AU$7,320.00
Chanel Small Gabrielle Hobo Bag AU$6,960.00
Chanel Gabrielle Small Backpack Bag AU$6,160.00

Other Bags


Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag AU$9,820.00
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag AU$8,930.00
Chanel 19 Medium Flap Bag AU$8,030.00
Chanel Calfskin Deauville Bag AU$5,950.00
Chanel Mixed Fibers Deauville Bag AU$4,590.00
Chanel Small Coco Handle Bag AU$5,360.00
Chanel Medium Coco Handle Bag AU$5,680.00
Chanel Large Coco Handle Bag AU$6,210.00
Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag AU$7,820.00

Wallet on Chain


Chanel Classic Quilted WOC AU$4,190.00
Chanel Boy WOC AU$3,980.00
Chanel 19 WOC AU$4,760.00
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