Balenciaga Yellow Bags Reference Guide


Balenciaga Yellow Bags Reference Guide

Balenciaga bags are well known for the variety of colors that are available each season. This guide is to provide a reference to the colors made for the particular year with reference to the name given to that color. Yellow comes in a few variants with more orange undertones giving each color made a slightly different hue.

Color Reference Guide with Year

Balenciaga Yellow Mangue Town Bag 2012Balenciaga Yellow Mangue Velo Bag 2012
Balenciaga Yellow Mangue Work Bag 2012Balenciaga Yellow Mimosa Part Time Bag 2011
Balenciaga Moutarde City Bag 2010Balenciaga Buttercup Bouton D’Or Part Time Bag 2008
Balenciaga Jaune City Bag 2007Balenciaga Yellow Anis City Bag 2004
Balenciaga Yellow City Bag 2004


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