The Smaller Louis Vuitton OntheGo MM Bag Guide

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Updated July 2021

Arrived last January 2020 is the smaller version of the popular OntheGo Tote bag. Much like the Dior Book Tote, fans are going to love the smaller tote for day to day. The smaller version is called the MM size and the regular “larger” version is the GM size. The differences in width is approximately 2.5″ and slightly lower in price for the MM size.

Prices updated below as of July 2021


Check out new designs of OntheGo MM Tote Bag below.

Style, Size, Price

Style USD Euro
Louis Vuitton Turtledove Monogram OntheGo MM $3,200.00 USD €2,350.00
Louis Vuitton Blue/Tan Raffia OntheGo MM $3,900.00 USD €2,800.00
Louis Vuitton Black/Caramel Wild At Heart OntheGo MM $3,700.00 USD €2,700.00
Louis Vuitton Summer Blue Monogram OntheGo MM $3,550.00 USD €2,600.00
> SIZE 13.8″x10.6″x 5.5 (formerly 13.5″x10″x 5″)


Monogram Reverse

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