Givenchy Pre-fall 2014 and the new Rave Shopping Tote bag

Givenchy Prefall 2014 Rave Bag

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Givenchy released its Pre-fall 2014 line up and a few new bag styles emerge.  The first is the new ‘Rave’ Shopping tote bag, which appears to be a flat shoulder bag made of nylon or leather.  Pictured below from Details Magazine showing a close-up view with the signature Spring 2014 tribal print. The pre-fall collection includes more luxe textures such as blue velvet and mink materials.  The ‘Podium’ clutch which was first seen on the Spring 2014 runway (retails $1,450.00 USD) appears in sequins gold and lush beige mink.
Givenchy Rave Bag - Prefall 2014
Givenchy Pre-fall 2014 Rave Bag

Givenchy Flat Messenger Bag - Prefall 2014 Givenchy Flat Clutch Bag - Prefall 2014 Givenchy Beige Messenger Bag - Prefall 2014 Givenchy Podium Fur Clutch Bag - Prefall 2014  Givenchy Pre-fall 2014 Rave Bag 2 Givenchy Podium Clutch Bag - Prefall 2014

Source: Givenchy

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