Dior Fusion Sneakers Guide and Style Inspiration

Introducing the Dior Fusion Sneakers which first appeared during the Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2014 collection.  The sneakers feature embroidered flower detail on a mesh lining.  The shoes are meant to be slipped on and feature multicolored rubber soles in offsetting colors. Colors include light blue, pink, yellow, white soles with either black or white mesh exterior.  The sneakers are currently available in stores now and retail for 790€ and $1,100 USD.

For some inspiration here are some of the sneakers being styled by their owners and also watch the video above of the shoes being made.

Style Inspiration

Dior Black/Blue Fusion Sneakers

IG: theshej

Dior Black/White Fusion Sneakers

IG: fashion_ru

Dior Violet/Blue Fusion Sneakers

IG: ilyazova

Dior White/Black Fusion Sneakers

IG: thelondonpixie

Source: Dior

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