Chanel Cruise 2014 Bag Collection Reference Guide

Chanel Coco Sailor Red and White Flap Bag - Cruise 2014

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Updated January 2014 for Prices
Introducing the guide to the Chanel Cruise 2014 bag collection, which includes a number of new styles and updated classics from the ‘Chanel Boy Cube bags‘ to the ‘Chanel Coco Sailor Flap bags‘. The Cruise collection definitely did not disappoint as there is a plethora of gorgeous styles to choose from. Some of the most notable are intricate crochet flap bags with the CC closure, the perfume bottle chain clutch and the striped bags complete with timeless pearl chain straps. All of the bags from the Cruise collection are available in stores now and will be there in time for your Holiday shopping.
Cruise 2014 prices are updated consistent with updates

Chanel Boy ‘Cube’ Bags

Sizes M priced at $3,900 and L priced at $4,300 USD for Chanel Cube Boy Flap bag, see full guide here.

Chanel Boy Bags

Chanel Python Boy Flap Bag - Cruise 2014

Prices for Boy Chanel bags from Cruise 2014 are $3,700 USD and $6,700-$7,300 US for exotic. 

Chanel Coco Sailor Bags

Style Price Size
Chanel Red Coco Sailor Bag $4,500 USD 6.3 x 10.2 x 2.8
Chanel Black Coco Sailor Bag $3,800 USD 6.3 x 10.2 x 2.8
Chanel Jumbo Leather and Jersey Flap Bag $3,200 USD 7.9 x 11.8 x 3.1
Chanel Coco Sailor Camera Case Bag $2,700 USD 6.3 x 11.0 x 4.3
Chanel Small Leather and Jersey Flap Bag $2,600 USD 4.7 x 8.1 x 2.0


Chanel Timeless Classic Flaps

Style Price Size
Chanel Herringbone Small Flap Bag $2,600 USD 4.9 x 9.1 x 2.8
Chanel Herringbone Medium Flap Bag $2,900 USD 5.5 x 10.6 x 2.8
Chanel Hand Painted Trim Flap Bag $3,400 USD 6.3 x 10.0 x 3.0
Chanel Tweed Flap Bag $4,100 USD 6.3 x 10.0 x 3.0
Chanel Striped Patent Flap Bag $4,400 USD 6.3 x 10.0 x 3.0


Perfume Bottle Chain Bag

Perfume bottle chain bag starting at $9,500.00 (USD).

Vanity and Straw Totes

Chanel Vanity tote bag retails for $3,400 (USD) and the straw totes from $2,700 USD.

Crochet & Embroidered Flaps

Style Price Size
Chanel Crochet Flap Bag Large CC $3,200 USD 6.3 x 9.4 x 3.1
Chanel Crochet Accordian Bag $5,400.00 USD 8.3 x 13.8 x 6.7
Chanel Exclusive Embroidered Flap Bag $15,000.00 USD 6.3 x 10.0 x 3.0

Crochet flap priced from $3,200.00 (USD) and limited edition embroidered flap $15,000.00 (USD)

Exotic Clutches

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