Cameron Diaz with Celine Brown Palmelato Phantom Bag

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Cameron Diaz was recently spotted carrying her Celine Brown Palmelato Phantom bag, the ‘Palmelato’ leather is more expensive, appears smoother with a shine and more vibrant in color.  The type of leather is also available in the Mini Luggage style and retails for $3,250USD in stores compared to the usual $2,400USD.  The colors available in the mini luggage style include dark red, brown and grey.  Reviews of the bag indicate that the material is similar to what the Celine Box bag is made out of extremely smooth, delicate and prone to scratches.

Where to Buy

Aloha Rag had some Mini Luggages in stock in this style, contact them at for stock or to be put on a waitlist. Price is $3,250USD.  Check-outAloha Rag for more information on where to buy.



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