Roomarama Review – How to stay in New York cheap

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Those of you living under a ROCK and have never heard of Roomarama must try it as a great alternative to staying in a hostel (gross) or an expensive not even worth it hotel in Manhattan. So I would love to visit NY every year, if I could, if it were not for the horrendously expensive¬†accommodations… but Roomarama is definitely a great alternative. ¬†I’ve used it a total of three times now and wouldn’t even FATHOM booking a hotel unless I could truly afford to stay in at least a decent onel — like the W — : D
#1 Reason why I love it… it’s safe for both parties:
For the Renter:

  • Funds are in ESCROW – meaning that the duration of your stay whether it is 5 days or 30 days, the landlord doesn’t get your funds until you’ve stayed all the allotted days. That way you won’t get kicked out part way through the landlord will not get their money.
  • You receive a code upon paying 100% of the payment up front only to Roomarama. The code is so that in case the place is shady or a shit-hole, the landlord won’t get your money because you won’t be giving them the code to begin with because their place is shady as hell.

For the Landlord:

  • Typically there is a damage deposit required on the first stay and returned on the last day, in case the renter is unscrupulous…. good for you because you won’t risk getting all your stuff jacked during the duration of the stay.
  • Renters pay up front to roomarama so the landlord will be guaranteed their payment at the end of the stay — no refunds typically once renters have “checked-in”

So far I’ve found that the places I’ve stayed at were 1) Clean 2) Had extra sheets / towels for me 3) Had good landlords that weren’t noisy. I’ve done both renting a room and renting an entire apartment, I would recommend both : )

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