Hermès Spring Summer 2022 Runway Bags Collection

Hermes, Spring-Summer 2022

Hermès Spring Summer 2022 Runway Bags Collection


Hermès truly knows how to set forth an extravagant and prestige fashion show! During the Fashion Week, at the end of the show, the screen behind the models parted, giving a glimpse of the Le Bourget airport where the show took place. The plane descended with a roar, tipping its nose to the runway as the applause rose from the crowds. The closing line of the press notes took on an even more poetic meaning: “It’s summertime. The sky is yours.”. Hermès Spring-Summer 2022 collection featured bags made with all the attention to craftsmanship that belongs to the house: the tiny metallic ‘pearl’ studs hammered into leather panels; the eyelets which refer to Hermès horse-tack heritage; the new cylindrical bags with horse bit handles. Check out this season’s featured bags below.


Photo Credits: Vogue/Hermès

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