The New Fendi Vertigo Collection

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The New Fendi Vertigo Collection


Fendi presented their Summer 2021 Capsule Collection featuring FF Vertigo, in collaboration with New York-based visual artist Sarah Coleman. The collection takes you back to the psychedelic-chic ‘70s with ‘90s flair! Inspired by freedom and active lifestyle that combines functionality, releasing a boldy-colored collection and reimagined the iconic FF logo in a new funky way. A range of new handbag styles come with the collection- notably a reimagined Baguette 1997 bag and Peekaboo and surely rock a perfect day out with bright FF Vertigo Shopper bag. It’s the perfect time to embrace the great and groovy summer escapades with this fun collection! Check out the rest of the collection below.


Style & Price


US Price

EU Price

Fendi Vertigo Shopper Bag$2,100.00 (USD)€1,550.00
Fendi Vertigo Mini Peekaboo Bag$4,800.00 (USD)€3,600.00
Fendi Vertigo Peekaboo ISeeU Medium Bag$6,000.00 (USD)€4,500.00
Fendi Vertigo Mini Baguette Bag$2,290.00 (USD)€1,690.00
Fendi Vertigo Nano Baguette Charm Bag$1,290.00 (USD)€950.00
Fendi Vertigo Baguette 1997 Bag$2,950.00 (USD)€2,200.00
Fendi Vertigo Mon Tresor Bag$1,790.00 (USD)€1,350.00
Fendi Vertigo Drawstring Backpack$2,290.00 (USD)€1,790.00
Fendi Vertigo Multicolor Shopper Bag$3,390.00 (USD)TBD
Fendi Vertigo Baguette Pouch$1,100.00 (USD)TBD
Fendi Vertigo Shopping Bag$1,790.00 (USD)TBD

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