Prada Spring 2021 Bag Collection featuring Pastels

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Prada Spring 2021 Bag Collection featuring Pastels


Prada presents “Prada Symbols”, a series of pop-up stores dedicated to women’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection. The Concept defined by a glass structure, decorated with triangle motifs that refer to the iconic Prada Logo and is characterized by a white and gold checkered floor, transparent displays and Mannequins.

The Spring-Summer 2021 Bag Collection comprises a selection of bags that includes: The Cleo collection, Mini Brushed Leather Totes, Duet Re-Nylon Drawstring Bag, Nappa Leather Quilted Re-Edition, Medium to Large Raffia Tote bags, Raffia and Leather bags. The classic 2000 Re-Edition that makes a comeback in new materials such as shearling and raffia and most of the bags in this collection comes in sugary pastel colors.


StylePrice USPrice in EU
Prada Re-Nylon Re-Edition 2000 Mini Bag$895.00€ 1,100.00
Prada Duet Re-Nylon Drawstring Mini Bag$1,290.00€ 950.00
Prada Pocket Nylon and Brushed Leather Bag$2,250.00€ 1,750.00
Prada Cleo Bag with Flap$2,250.00€ 1,700.00
Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag$2,600.00€ 1,950.00
Prada Signaux Printed Nylon Backpack$1,690.00€ 1,300.00
Prada Signaux Nylon and Leather Hobo Bag$2,150.00€ 1,600.00
Prada Brushed Leather Mini Bag with Chain$1,790.00€ 1,350.00
Prada Small Brushed Leather Tote$1,720.00€ 1,300.00
Prada Shearling Tote$2,600.00€ 1,950.00
Prada Shearling Shoulder Bag$2,450.00N/A
Prada Shearling Re-Edition 2000 Mini BagTBD€ 1,100.00
Prada Raffia Tote Bag$1,270.00€ 950.00
Prada Raffia Tote Bag Medium$1,720.00N/A
Prada Re-Edition 2005 Raffia Bag$1,850.00€ 1,400.00
Prada Raffia and Leather Shoulder bag$1,920.00N/A
Prada Raffia and Leather Tote$1,920.00€ 1,450.00
Prada Medium Raffia and Leather Tote$2,150.00€ 1,600.00
Prada Large Raffia and Leather Tote$2,250.00€ 1,700.00
Prada Woven Palm and Leather ToteTBD€ 650.00
Prada Wicker and Canvas Tote BagTBD€ 1,350.00

Prada Re-Edition 2000

Prada Re-Edition 2005

Prada Cleo and Mini Totes

Raffia Totes and Satchels

Shearling Bags

Other Bags

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