Chanel Pre-fall 2021 Metiers d’Art Bag Collection featuring Checkerboard

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Chanel Pre-fall 2021 Metiers d’Art Bag Collection featuring Checkerboard


UK Prices for Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 Bag Collection

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Velvet & Shearling

StyleUS Price
Chanel Mini Velvet Camellia Bag£2,980.00
Chanel Velvet Strass & Gold Enclosure£3,590.00
Chanel CC Velvet Strass with Gems£4,820.00
Chanel Drawstring with Velvet and Calfskin Bag£4,380.00
Chanel Shearling Checkered Drawstring Bag£4,380.00
Chanel Shearling Checkered Flap Bag£3,850.00
Chanel Jumbo Trim Shearling Flap Bag£4,380.00

Classic Bags

Chanel Mini Re-issue Bag£3,070.00
Chanel Horizontal Mini Flap Bag£2,800.00
Chanel 19 Small Light Grey Tweed Bag£3,770.00
Chanel 19 Medium Dark Grey Tweed Bag£4,210.00
Chanel 19 Shearling Bag (not pictured)TBD
Chanel Embellished Coco Handle Bag (comes in 2 sizes)£3,940.00

See classic bag prices in USD here

Embellished & Chained

Chanel Sequins Floral Checkered Runway Flap BagTBD
Chanel Sequins Floral Checkered Shopping Tote£7,360.00
Chanel Mini Velvet CC Embellished Bag (Flap & 2.55)£7,890.00
Chanel Grey Embellished Wool BagTBD
Chanel Green Sequins Flap BagTBD
Chanel Pearl Clutch Bag£3,150.00
Chanel Pearl Drawstring Bag£3,940.00
Chanel Enchained Drawstring Bag£4,730.00
Chanel Shopping Bag with Mini Flap£6,140.00
Chanel Geometric Lambskin Checkered Bag (comes in Mini)£5,740.00
Chanel Embroidered Sequins Drawstring BagTBD

Flaps with New Straps

Chanel Flap with Adjustable Strap£3,420 (Small)
Chanel Medallion Strap Small Flap Bag£5,260 (Medium) £3,850 (Small)
Chanel Medallion with Textured Leather Bag£5,260.00
Chanel Pearl Chained Flap Bag (comes in Beige)£3,770.00
Chanel Mini Messenger with Buckle Bag£3,590.00
Chanel Textile Bowling Bag£3,500.00


Mini Bags

Chanel set of 4 Mini Bags in White with Leather Quilted CaseTBD
Chanel Hexagon Vanity Case£3,680.00
Chanel Pink Camera Case (comes in black)TBD
Chanel Vertical Black Camera Case (comes in white)TBD
Chanel Gold & Black Minaudiere£3,680.00
Chanel White Box Bag with Kiss Lock Closure£3,770.00


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