Chanel Cruise 2022 Runway Bag Collection featuring Classic Edgy

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Chanel Cruise 2022 Runway Bag Collection featuring Classic Edgy


Chanel is back on the runway with its remarkable Cruise 2022 show. Having presented its Cruise collection last June during the lockdown in digital format, Chanel now surely made its monumental comeback on the runway and offered its own perception of the future. The show took place in Provence, that beautiful region in the south of France, it was set inside Carrières de Lumières (French for “Quarries of Light”) in Les Baux. The venue bring-forth simplicity and modernity, provided a fitting backdrop for the black-and-white collection. Highlighting the look of fringes in leather, beads and sequins, and lots of fishnet tights as well, such look that has the modernity of pop-punk of the sixties with a fusion of some late 90’s.

The bags presented were more daring and has a youthful approach but still relatable. Think of the traditional Chanel codes of black and white, tweed, interlaced leather and chains, bejeweled and pearls, combined with sequined embroideries revealing emblematic pattern of the collection, which exudes both classic and modern. The Cruise 2021/22 collection will most likely hit stores in November, but for now have a first look of the exceptional collection. 


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